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Nesting, 2023
9.48 minutes

Engulfed in the sacred circle formed out of soil, drift wood, and steele, Yurdanur is sat in the lotus position underneath a feather attached to the ceiling by a steele chain. In this image there is a connection between them and each of the elements (earth, water, fire, and air), bringing balance for the alchemy of the ritual. The comfort of the circle encapsulates a nest, a womb of protection. As the movements get more hypnotising, the circle starts to be destructed by Yurdanur himself, smearing the earth around and within. 


This piece is a live performance shown only once during the exhibition and immersing the audience in all of its fleeting divine energy. After the performance, the sculpture is left being an artifact of a sacred event having took place with the unknown remains creating an archeological significance that resemble a prehistoric site.

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