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Ancestral Land, 2022


9.44 minutes

This video performance follows the spiritual journey that Yurdanur experiences when immersed into the Turkish landscape, being their homeland, they portray the deep and transcendent connection they feel to the earth. Placed in the foreground of the frame is an Anatolian Kilim from Yurdanur’s grandmother’s village, a traditional rug dating back hundreds of years traditionally made by nomadic tribes. Yurdanur also built an altar with gathered natural mediterranean herbs such as sage, lavender, and wild rue onto an antique wooden flour measure. This was used in the ceremony to cleanse the space that the movement would take place in, to land more freely. As Yurdanur extends the roots from the souls of their feet into the sacred ground, they are supported deeply by the ancestors holding them up. With the Intention of reconnecting through a somatic practice, a once wounded bond initiates maternal healing. The theme of belonging takes place in this piece with the touch of a long lost mother, Mother Earth, and deepening of intimacy.

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